30 carefully researched Questions for your Pub Quiz, ready to print and pitched at just the right level. Perfect for a standard, or online quiz.


  • Questions 1 - 10: Easier questions designed to give your teams some confidence and even raise some laughs.


  • Questions 11 - 20: Medium difficulty questions, some of these may include a multiple choice element.


  • Questions 21 - 25: Harder questions which teams will find much more challenging.


  • Questions 26 - 30: ‘The Wipeout Round’ or ‘Double or Quits’.  It is suggested that in this section, you inform teams that each question is worth 2 points, however if one question is answered incorrectly the team ‘wipes-out’ and scores no points for the round, questions can however be missed out with no penalty (just receiving no points for that particular question.)


One example of a question is:


Which of the following isn't a colour of wedge in a standard game of Trivial Pursuit?... a) red; b) blue; or c) yellow?

Answer: Red 



Quiz Questions: April 27th, 2020

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