How we started


I am an experienced Quiz writer and presenter that decided to spread my tried and tested winning formula to others. I hope my knowledge and expertise can revitalise your quizzes, whether they be for a one off event or regular use. If you are presenting a quiz I understand how meticulously researched well phrased questions and answers can help the cause. 



"Dave has presented quizzes for our many pubs for years. Our customers come for the varied nature and keep returning as they believe they can win due to the accessible nature of them."

(Tom Lister, Manager C&B Tarleton.)


Why Quizinators?

My quizzes are imaginative, fun and unique, these quizzes are so successful due to their accessible nature.

I pride myself that out of 50, for example, two participants will achieve at least half marks whilst the more experiences quiz teams will still struggle on the tough questions. On most quizzes you buy teams should get between 25-44 out of 50!



"The most rounded quiz we have ever bought, this has saved our Pub quiz night!"