This is a professionally written pub style complete general knowledge lock down quiz, added to the site May 25th, 2020, beautifully formatted and with full answers and video clips to use as part of the quiz too!


Everything you need to host the ULTIMATE quiz night, this pack also contains BONUS content.


There are 55 questions in total

The quiz includes:

  • A mixed picture round ‘50/50 Mixed’ (available to purchase separately as 'mixed picture round 7.') Questions 1-4: Is the photograph 'mirrored or not mirrored?'  Questions 5-8: What country is the pictured animal the national animal of? Questions 9-12: What country is associated with the hat pictured?
  • Mixed Video Round (5 questions): High quality edited video, name the voice of the celebrity, what happens next, whats the advert and NEW what product is being made in the video clip?
  • Music Round with explanatory video (5 questions): From different decades, name of the artist and name of the song being played.
  • BONUS Video: From the famous played movie quote, what is the movie?
  • General Knowledge questions and answers, starting easy and getting progressively more difficult, a couple of examples of medium difficulty questions: How high is the tallest fixed diving platform in the Olympics: 8, 10 or 12 metres? ... In the news: Which mobile phone manufacturer, has been forced to disable the ‘colour filter’ camera of its latest flagship mobile in China, due to its apparent ability to see through certain plastics and even some kinds of cloth: Huawei, Xiaomi or OnePlus?
  • ‘Wipeout Round’ (adding a gambling element where participants score 2 points for their answers, but get one wrong and they lose all their points!)
  • A high quality blank answer sheet for quizzers to write their answers on.


This really is a quality resource and has taken many hours to formulate.



Ultimate Quiz Pack 3

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