This pack includes a 50 question general knowledge quiz

- Mixed Picture Round with 12 questions: Name the minimalist movie character from colours and quotes, name the dingbat and name the famous UK TV advert from the still.

- 38 carefully researched general knowledge questions and answers

- A version of the questions without the answers (in case the quizmaster wishes to take part.) 

- Blank 50 question template to print out and write on (if required.)


The questions selection is done for you, because each quiz starts easy and gets more difficult towards the end, pitched at the average quizzer, retaining an element of fun. 


Perfect for a standard, or online quiz. 


  • Questions 13 - 20: Easier questions designed to give your teams some confidence and even raise some laughs.


  • Questions 21 - 30: Medium difficulty questions, some of these may include a multiple choice element.


  • Questions 31-35: Identify whether the brand contains an apostrophe or not


  • Questions 36-40: If historical figures had Twitter: Can you name the well known people from history from their fictional ‘Twitter posts.’


  • Questions 41 - 45: Harder questions which teams will find much more challenging.


  • Questions 45 - 50: ‘The Wipeout Round’ or ‘Double or Quits’.  It is suggested that in this section, you inform teams that each question is worth 2 points, however if one question is answered incorrectly the team ‘wipes-out’ and scores no points for the round, questions can however be missed out with no penalty (just receiving no points for that particular question.)


One example of a question in this resource is...

According to the NHS website, what are the approximate chances of a birth in the

 UK resulting in twins, triplets or more: 1 in 65 or 1 in 165? (Wipeout question.)


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Quiz Pack 1

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