This is a professionally written pub style complete lock down quiz, added to the site May, 2020, beautifully formatted and with full answers and video clips to use as part of the quiz too! Everything you need to host the COMPLETE quiz night! 


There are 50 questions in total

The quiz includes:

  • A picture round featuring ‘celebrities in lockdown.’ (avaiable to purchase separately.) 
  • Observation video round with 3 questions based on a professionally edited video clip.
  • ‘What happens next’ video round with 3 questions, again edited to the perfect length with questions included multiple choice
  • Music Round video with 4 questions, players should guess the artist, song name and year of release
  • General Knowledge questions and answers, starting easy and getting progressively more difficult, one example of a 'medium' difficulty questions is...In accordance with a legend that states that the kingdom will fall if they are ever absent, at least six birds of what type are kept at the Tower of London at all times: Kestrels, crows or ravens? Answer: Ravens
  • ‘Wipeout Round’ (adding a gambling element.)

This really is a quality resource and has taken many hours to formulate. If you have a break during your quiz you may wish to purchase a 'survey said' to give your players something to do during the break. 

Ultimate Quiz Pack 1

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