The 'mixed picture round' series is our most popular seller and quiz participants always find them a favourite as there is something for everyone, 12 pictures, all formatted beautifully in a high quality A4 pdf file, with the answers included, (the photo here is only a lowe quality preview) ready to print out and hand to your quizzers or use as part of an online quiz.


All our picture rounds have been tried and tested in quizzes, this particular picture round is a little tricky, you can add a multiple choice element if you wish to make it a little easier.


Questions 1-4: 4 images of flags in which one of the colours has been removed from the flag, quizzers should identify which colour has been erased.

Questions 5-7: 'Its in the eyes' 3 celebrities, can participants identify them just by the eyes?

Questions 8-12: Side on pictures of 5 cars, can quizzers identify the manufacturer?


We recommend this is used as a handout round at the beginning of your quiz and can be done whilst customers are waiting for the quiz to start. 


This picture round was added to the site on May 28th, 2020.



Mixed Picture Round 8: Flags / Celebrity Eyes / Car Makes