Perfect for hosting a quiz based around the theme of 'Marvel'

As there are video clips and multimedia in this pack it is idea for online use, although can obviously be used for home / pub quizzing too!


This is a professionally written quiz, added to the site 8th July, 2020 beautifully formatted and with full answers and video clips to use as part of the quiz too!

Everything you need to host the COMPLETE Marvel quiz (comics and movie questions included.) 


There are 52 questions in total

The quiz includes:

  • Mixed picture Round based around Marvel movies
  • Marvel questions based around the movies and comics, one example of a medium difficulty question is 'Black Widow is originally from which country: Russia, Czechoslovakia or Spain?' Answer: Russia
  • Video clip round, a clip is shown, the participant has to guess from the Stan Lee clip which movie it is and for a bonus point what year it was released (multiple choice.)
  • ‘Wipeout Round’ (adding a gambling element where participants score 2 points for their answers, but get one wrong and they lose all their points!)
  • Music Round: Which Marvel movie is the soundtrack music from?


This is a very high quality resource and has taken many hours to formulate.



Marvel Quiz Pack

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