A loosely themed 'Line of Duty' / police picture round. 


This handout round has been formulated so that quizzers that haven't seen the 'Line of Duty' series should still be able to have a stab at the majority of the questions.  For example 3 questions used in this handout ask quizzers to identify what particular Police acronyms stand for eg. 'FLO.' A few other questions also involve other popular police thtmed programmes. 


12 pictures, all formatted beautifully in a high quality A4 pdf file, with the answers included, ready to print out and hand to your quizzers or use as part of an online quiz.


A free blank answer sheet for quizzers to write their answers on manually can be found on the front page of our site. Couple one of these picture rounds with a 30 question general knowledge set from our collection for an easy solution to deliver a fantastic quiz. 


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This picture round was added to the site in May, 2021




Line of Duty / Police Picture Round