Perfect for hosting a quiz based around the theme of 'musicals'


This is a professionally written quiz, added to the site May 16th, 2020, beautifully formatted and with full answers and video clips to use as part of the quiz too!

Everything you need to host the COMPLETE musicals themed quiz!


There are 55 questions in total

The quiz includes:

  • Picture round identify the pixelated poster of the musical movie (for sale individually separately) 
  • Mixed Video Round: High quality edited video. The first 7 questions require the quizzer to identify the musical from the video clip, the final 3 questions require the identification of the character being played by the actor in the picture.
  • Musicals questions and answers, starting easy and getting progressively more difficult, one example of a 'medium' difficulty questions is...‘It was a time of tradition, a time of values, and a time…to shake things up,’ was a tagline for which 2007 musical film? Answer: Hairspray
  • ‘Wipeout Round’ (adding a gambling element where participants score 2 points for their answers, but get one wrong and they lose all their points!)
  • A high quality blank answer sheet for quizzers to write their answers on, alternatively this quiz is ideal and tried and tested as an online quiz.


This is a very high quality resource and has taken many hours to formulate.



Greatest Musicals Quiz Pack

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