The perfect start to a 'Disney' themed quiz or as part of an extra during a quiz, half price for a limited time. (Please not if paying on card I believe the minimum payment is £1.) 


There are 7 questions in total in this picture round, participants should identify which of Snow Whites 7 dwarfs are in the pictures, there are 3 pages in this pdf file, one contains just the pictures, one with a space for players to write and one with the answers.


We recommend this is used as a handout round at the beginning of your quiz and can be done whilst customers are waiting for the quiz to start or as part of an additional round. 


This picture round was added to the site in May, 2020, please note the downloaded file is formatted as a high quality pdf with the answers, the images shown are merely a low quality preview version.




Disney Picture Round 7 Dwarfs